Web Design Process

Our process begins with understanding your business, setting the goal, research and defining creative objective and direction, design and review. No two businesses are the same - that’s why your role and participation is equally important in the Process.

Below you will find my process for a custom design website project -

Before we start
All design and technical requirements, cost and scale of the project and design direction will be discussed via live chat or email communication before the design process begins. Payment in full is required before any design work is performed. Website hosting service, domain name registration, Squarespace or Shopify account (if applied) should be created and provided as soon as payment is made. A project is scheduled to start as soon as website content and sitemap is sent to us.

1. Discovery: Listen, learn & research

2. Design & Develop

3. Review

4. Develop, Test, Launch

Time frame for custom web design
Custom logo design projects take up minimum of 5 business days or more depending on the amount of work. Custom web design projects varies depending on the scale of the project, which can be from 1-2 weeks for a 5-page Wordpress or Squarespace website, or 3-4 weeks for a Shopify e-commerce website.

Website Updates and Maintenance
Hourly support/maintenance work can be scheduled in advance or based on availability for existing Wordpress, Shopify, or SquareSpace websites and the hourly rate is €99. To learn more about Tech & Design Support >>

Find out how to obtain a quote for your website.  Questions? E-mail me at order@ParisStudio36.com

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