Logo Design FAQs

Below please find the most frequently asked questions for logo design services at The Paris Studio. For a summary of ALL logo design services, please visit Logo Design at a Glance. For details of each logo design package please visit Custom Logo Design.

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Pre-Made Logo Design

If you are new to buying pre-made logos online or like more clarifications on our logo design process, please review the following frequently asked questions. Please also review the Ordering Instructions before placing an order.

Q1. What is a pre-made logo?
A1. A pre-made logo is a logo design concept that was created in previous projects as alternative designs, has been previously sold and to be re-sold in the future. It is therefore not exclusive (think of a T-shirt bought at H & M). Pre-made logos are great for website logo, blog logo or e-commerce website and small business logo. It's affordable and fast - if you order a premade logo AS IS before 5pm Paris time (M-F) you could receive the logo files on the same day. All pre-made logos are sold AS IS. When you purchase a pre-made logo we only change the business name in the design. There is no customization of the artwork (or design itself) included with a Pre-made Logo purchase. 

Q2. How do I customize a pre-made logo if I wish to?
A2. While there is no customization with a premade logo purchase - pre-made logo designs can also be a good starting point for a custom logo design project if it's similar to what you are looking for. Generally we recommend Custom Logo Design packages instead of customizing a premade logo, unless you are quite certain about the changes you like to make and those changes are minor. Unlike a custom logo design package, when you customize a premade logo design, you pay for the customization work needed as it occurs. We are happy to make suggestions if you let us know the changes you like and we'll provide you with a quote.

There are minor changes you can make easily by purchasing Add-on services -
* Font change
* Color of font (text) change
* Color of the entire logo change (restrictions apply)

To further customize the pre-made logo, for example, replace an element in a pre-made logo design, please check out Pay As You Go package (from $99). To explore a few variations of a pre-made design, we recommend Concept Logo Design (from $299). For more on customizing a pre-made logo design >

Q3. How many revisions are included for a pre-made logo purchase?
A3. One revision is included (Basic Option @ $49 USD). Because the only thing that's customizable with a pre-made logo purchase is business name, it's unlikely you will need more than one revision. If you like to change the font, or color of the text used in the premade logo, we offer Premium Option for TWO revisions at $69. To make additional changes, you may purchase Add-on services during the process.

Q4. What kind of files will I receive for a pre-made logo purchase?
A4. PDF, PNG and JPG (all 300 DPI) for Basic Option. The original source file (Photoshop or Illustrator) is included for Premium Option and Custom Design Packages only. If you like to receive the original source files at a later time, you may purchase Add-on for Extra Files.

Q5. Can I use the files for business cards and my website?
A5. You can use the logo files for everything, print or web. 

Q6. Can I purchase a pre-made (or custom) logo design for a client?
A6. No. We prefer to communicate directly with the person who is approving design and ultimately owning and using the logo. Any purchase at The Paris Studio grants the buyer the right to use the design and this right to use is NOT transferrable to any third partyIf you are a designer or developer working on a project for a client, please inform your client to purchase the design directly from The Paris Studio. Please review our Store Policies or contact us with any questions.

Q7. What is OOAK Logo Design and how is it different than other pre-made logos?
A7. An OOAK (one of a kind) logo is a pre-made logo that's has not yet been sold. If you purchase an OOAK Logo it will be removed from the collection so no one else can purchase the same logo again. If you request a change in the OOAK logo design, however, your customized logo purchase will be considered a different design and will not retire the OOAK logo from our collection. Please contact me with any questions.

Q8. How many versions of the final logo files would I receive? What if I need additional versions of the logo, for example watermark or black and white version of the logo?
A8. You receive ONE set of files (PDF, PNG and JPG) for ONE version of the final selected logo design for a pre-made logo purchase. For Premium Option or any custom design logo packages, the source file (in PSD, or AI/EPS) can be provided. If you need additional versions of the logo such as watermark (logo reversed in white), or a black and white version of the final logo, you may purchase addition files with Add-on services.

Q9. Do I receive all the examples shown in a pre-made logo design listing?
A9. No, please choose one version when you place your order. Some of the additional designs are presented simply as variations of the premade logo design (in color, font or motif) therefore you only receive one version with your purchase.


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DIY Instant Download Logo

Q1. What do I receive for an Instant Download Logo purchase?
A1. You will receive the logo file as specified in the product listing when you place your order. We offer Instant Download Logo in PSD, PNG or VECTOR (Smart object embedded in PSD) format currently. In order to use the file to create your own logo you need both the knowledge and the program to open the file you purchase. If you like a certain design in multiple formats or a format that's different than listed, please contact us for a custom order.

Q2. Can you help me with the DIY Logo purchase?
A2. There is no service included when you purchase an INSTANT DOWNLOAD product at The Paris Studio. If you need help creating the logo for you instead, please contact me to purchase it as a pre-made logo (starts at $49). To find out how to purchase a pre-made logo and ways you can customize it, visit Logo Design at a Glance.

Q3. Can I purchase an INSTANT DOWNLOAD logo design for a client?
A3. No. Any purchase at The Paris Studio grants the buyer the right to use the design and this right to use is NOT transferrable to any third party. If you are a designer or developer working on a project for a client, please inform your client to purchase the design directly from The Paris Studio.

Q4. Do I receive the font used in the DIY Logo Download?
A4. No. Fonts are not included in ANY logo purchase and can not be distributed freely due to Intellectual Property Laws. The name of the example font used IS included in the file - which are free fonts you can download from the web. Example of fonts used in a DIY Logo Download is only a suggestion - you may use any font you own or prefer. There is no paid font used for DIY Logo Download Designs. If you like to purchase a DIY Logo Design as a pre-made logo instead, we offer a one time change of font to upgrade to a professionally designed commercial font in my font collection.

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Pay As You Go Logo Design

Q1. What is Pay As You Go and how is it different than the Custom Design Logo package?
A1. Pay As You Go Logo Design is an easy solution for replacing an element used in a premade logo design. It works best for a single element logo design and only if you know precisely what your logo motif is. Pay As You Go is sort of a DIY approach where you choose the element and the font of your logo (out of my Pinterest boards) and you only pay for the work needed, as opposed to an exploratory process to define the style and the criteria of your logo in other Custom Logo Design packages. Most likely few revisions are needed if you are certain of the element and font of your choice. However if you like to see a few options presented or if you like to explore a few different concepts before making a decision, then Custom Logo Design process will better meet your expectation.

Q2. What kind of files I will receive with Pay As You Go Logo purchase?
A2. You will receive the same set of files as a pre-made logo design purchase - PDF, PNG and JPG (300 DPI)If you like to receive the original source files for your pre-made logo purchase Add-on for Extra Files.

Q3. What are the additional fees for Pay As You Go Logo package?
A3. Pay As You Go package starts at $99 for a single-element logo design or $149 for a two-element logo design. There is no revision included with purchase. Each revision is $30. If you simply like to switch font or change the color of the font, it's $10 per change. Simply put you only purchase Add-on services for the changes/services you need.

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General Logo Design Questions

Q1. Can I preview a logo design before payment?
A1. No. Payment in full is required for all design services.

Q2. Can I print and sell a design on merchandise for sale?
A2. No. You may not alter and re-sell the design for any purpose other than its intended use (that is, as your business or personal logo). Any purchase at The Paris Studio grants the buyer the right to use the design and this right to use is NOT transferrable to any third partyPlease review our Store Policies or contact us with any questions.

Q3. I need logo design as well as website header and social media cover, can you help?
A3. Yes. We offer Website Header and Social Media Cover Design as well (along with our Pre-made Logo service). In addition, we offer wordpress website design and e-commerce website (shopify) design - find out how to obtain a quote here.

Q4. I need to print my logo on a large size banner or commercial/retail sign, what format do I need?
A4. Generally, if you need to print or use the logo in large size (larger than stationery or business card use), it's recommended you purchase and/or choose a logo that can be / is vector. Logo Designs that are done in Photoshop such as watercolor or gold foil texture, is not suitable for printing in large size. Please consult with us before making a purchase so we can help you with what you need.

Q5. Do you provide business card, packaging or any print design service?
A5. No. At this time The Paris Studio only provide services in digital and interactive design - namely web design and logo design.