How to create your custom monogram

Custom Monogram Logo Design

The Process of Creating a Custom Monogram Logo

Welcome to the very first step of the custom design process - Discovery phase. You will find below the basic elements to be considered for your custom monogram logo design and I will guide you through every step of the way so relax, and take a sip - let's get creative!

First, choose the monogram font for your design. Here are 36 monogram designs for you to choose from. Please choose 3 of your favorite designs.
Monogram Logo Design Fonts

The monogram letter(s) can be in any color, texture (gold, silver or vintage press) or watercolor shades. To choose a color, please go to and grab the hex code of the color you like for your monogram letter(s). To choose a watercolor or metallic texture, please go to my Pinterest board.
Second, choose a heraldry shapes for the monogram background. Here are some common shapes that can be considered; however if you are looking for a particular shape and don't find it here, please let me know. There are many more shapes and variations which can't be all posted here.

heraldry shapes 

The shape can be on white or colored background, outline (or not), with any geometric shape, ribbons or decorative elements.

Finally, you may choose to have your monogram designed with a certain theme. For example, travel, food, floral, birds or animals, etc. We will discuss the theme and the motifs in more details once you have chosen the basic elements. Please email me with any questions!