Daily Logo Design by The Paris Studio, Madame Levasseur

Daily Logo Design by The Paris Studio, Madame Levasseur

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Daily Logo Sale is back!

Everyday we offer ONE pre-made logo design for only $29 ($20 OFF) for Basic option or $49 for Premium option. This sale is first come, first served and it's only offered to one customer per day! So what's today's Daily Logo for sale? If you see the logo design here (after the rose photo cover) that's the Daily Logo for sale today. Once it's sold, it will be removed and a different logo will be posted tomorrow.

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Today's Daily Logo is a pre-made logo SALE which features one of our premade logo designs for only $29 USD with one revision (or $49 with two revisions). This is a HUGE saving (40% OFF) you'll want to take advantage of! Daily Logo Design is refreshed daily Monday to Friday.

Today's Daily Logo can be seen in the second image (after the cover photo). The package details and what's included is exactly the same as pre-made logo design purchase.

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